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 FATA Pallet Conveyor

FATA Automation Pallet Conveyor

FATA Automation Pallet Conveyor manages in various areas in the body shop, paint shop, and general assembly. It applies to the delivering and manufacturing goods.   
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FATA Automation is a worldwide leader in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of pallet conveyors. Key applications include automotive body shops, automotive paint shops and automotive final assembly systems.  

FATA Automation’s pallet conveyors manage in various areas in the body shop. They are used generally to deliver and process products. FATA Automation has over 150 pallet conveyor systems installed dating backing to 1977.

FATA Automation has customers that consistently returned back to purchase additional systems. Our skilled engineers are able to assist our customers in engineering, efficient, flexible systems that have taken up the minimum floor space.



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